orange and almond cake
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whole orange almond cake with cardamom

There are so many reasons to love this cake. Fragrant ingredients like orange and cardamom and no flour, butter or oil. A cake with a dense, pound cake-like texture, made without flour, butter or oil? Sounds impossible right? this whole orange and almond flour cake is just that. A cake […]

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The Best Eggless Birthday Cake Recipe

My son has a birthday during the fasting period (Purtassi), so finding the best eggless birthday cake recipe has been one of my prime pastimes lately. Last year I made an eggless chocolate cake decorated with Fireman Sam figures. This years theme looks set to be pirates! To practice for […]

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chocolate coconut squares recipe

Chocolate Coconut squares are an all chocolate version of  popular lamingtons. They are made with coconut on the inside and out. A soft chocolate cake covered with chocolate icing then topped with desiccated coconut. For a more decadent version dip in melted chocolate like my lamington sandwiches. This recipe uses […]

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easy lamingtons with jam recipe

Lamingtons are traditionally a plain sponge cake dipped in a sweet cocoa and coated in desiccated coconut. This lamington recipe is an easy alternative to the traditional one. It sandwiches two layers of sponge cake with raspberry jam and is dipped in melted dark chocolate and coated in desiccated coconut. […]