Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

While the origins of Chicken Tikka Masala remain unknown, it is one of the most favoured dishes in Indian restaurants world over. Chicken Tikka Masala  like Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken who’s roots stem from North Indian culinary influences, are similar in composition – grilled chicken in a creamy sauce  […]

durban chicken curry
Chicken, Curry

Durban Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry is one of Durban’s prime epicurean delights. This effortless creation is composed of chicken pieces simmered in a broth of spice and all things nice. Unlike milder East Indian chicken dishes– the Durban Chicken Curry does not contain fruit, sugar or cream. Not for the faint-hearted- it is […]


Crumbed Chicken Thighs

Healthy Homemade Crumbed Chicken  Baked homemade crumbed chicken serves as a healthy alternative to its commercially available fried counterparts. Apart from controlling the quantity and quality of oils one can also control the type of crumbs used – like this recipe which uses rye crumbs. Crumbed chicken thighs was a […]