best durban mutton curry
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Delicious Durban Mutton Curry Recipe

Durban mutton curry is slicker than its global counterparts. No pun intended, it is not just delicious, but aromatic, spicy, and pleasing to the eye. In case you’re wondering how this mutton curry recipe differs from the others featured in this blog, consider this month-end version. It has a luscious […]

braised tinfish recipe
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Braised Tin Fish Recipe

Tin fish (canned pilchards in tomato sauce) was one of the most loved foods in our home – be it Amma’s braised tin fish, tin fish chutney, tin fish with peas and potatoes, her tin fish samoosas and not forgetting those tin fish sandwiches for school lunches. I received a […]

Best Daal Gosht recipe1

Dhal Gosht Recipe

Dhal Gosht (daal ghos,gost) is an ambrosial yet hearty – stew like dish made from pieces of lamb simmered in dhals and spice. Amma’s recipe for Dhal Ghost entailed using  pieces of  meat with large bones – those not fitting for her mutton curry. This frugal accumulation of mutton pieces […]