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easy egg and potato salad recipe
Salad, Sides

Easy Egg and Potato Salad Recipe

Difficulty Easy

Egg and potato salad is a classic South African side for braais and summer entertaining. Try the quick and easy egg and potato salad recipe and enjoy more of the braai.

easy soft bread rolls

easy soft bread rolls recipe

Bread was the basis of our school lunches. Brown sandwich loaves, sliced thin and filled with cheese, lettuce and tomato, sometimes filled with fish fingers or Monday’s staple, Amma’s braised baked beans curry. It even served as the subject of many Show and Tell’s at school, ‘How to Make a […]

cauli rice biryani
Rice Dishes, Vegetarian

cauli rice biryani recipe

The bland taste of cauliflower makes it the ideal canvas for creating different flavour sensations. My personal favourite being Amma‘s cauliflower and pea curry. I have to admit I was much less accepting of cauliflower as a substitute for pasta during childhood. My older sister once made cauliflower in white […]