Author: Ms Pillay

easy 2Bbaked 2Bgarlic 2Bprawns

easy oven-baked garlic prawns recipe

I have used more frozen food products during the past year than I have during the last decade. Their convenience has grown on me, especially vegetables which require very little preparation. Most surprising is frozen raw seafood. This New Years‘s Eve, I discovered that you can bake frozen prawns! It […]

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Roast, Lamb

leg of lamb with lemon rosemary and garlic

Roast leg of lamb was a typical New Year’s Day dinner, growing up. Over the years it evolved from Amma‘s  lamb pot roast to more elaborate creations by my older sister. Lamb roast recipes which included the use of red wine both in cooking the lamb itself and in making […]

orange and almond cake
Baking, Cakes

whole orange almond cake with cardamom

There are so many reasons to love this cake. Fragrant ingredients like orange and cardamom and no flour, butter or oil. A cake with a dense, pound cake-like texture, made without flour, butter or oil? Sounds impossible right? this whole orange and almond flour cake is just that. A cake […]

stuffed mushrooms

chutney and cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms

I have a few recipe variations for making stuffed mushrooms. This chutney and cheese stuffed portobello recipe is my favourite because it reminds me of a childhood favourite – Amma’s tomato chutney. This recipe is portobellos drizzled with a bit of olive oil, baked in the oven then topped with […]