cauli rice biryani
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cauli rice biryani recipe

The bland taste of cauliflower makes it the ideal canvas for creating different flavour sensations. My personal favourite being Amma‘s cauliflower and pea curry. I have to admit I was much less accepting of cauliflower as a substitute for pasta during childhood. My older sister once made cauliflower in white […]

stuffed mushrooms

chutney and cheese stuffed portobello mushrooms

I have a few recipe variations for making stuffed mushrooms. This chutney and cheese stuffed portobello recipe is my favourite because it reminds me of a childhood favourite – Amma’s tomato chutney. This recipe is portobellos drizzled with a bit of olive oil, baked in the oven then topped with […]

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mushroom biryani recipe

Mushrooms fleshy texture and distinct taste make for a pleasant meat substitute and the perfect ingredient for a vegetarian biryani. This simple mushroom biryani is composed of rice steamed over a duet of porcini and oyster mushrooms simmered in biryani spice and coconut milk. It is simple enough to make […]

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Braised Kadala Recipe South Africa

Braised Kadala (brown chickpeas) was quintessential prayer food, growing up in South Africa. Amma made it for the fasting prayer, Lakshmi Day or as a snack. Much like Amma’s samp and beans, it is tempered in whole spices. It gets its flavour and aroma from the combination of fried onion, […]