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Roast, Lamb

leg of lamb with lemon rosemary and garlic

Roast leg of lamb was a typical New Year’s Day dinner, growing up. Over the years it evolved from Amma‘s  lamb pot roast to more elaborate creations by my older sister. Lamb roast recipes which included the use of red wine both in cooking the lamb itself and in making […]

south african lamb pot roast recipe
Lamb, Roast

easy lamb pot roast recipe

Pot roast is meat roasted in a pot on the stovetop, in some cases over an open fire, rather than in the oven. Techniques and utensils vary. Some braise the meat then simmer in liquids such as water, wine or broth. Amma‘s lamb pot roast recipe is simply meat slow-cooked […]


Easy Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast lamb is one of my favourite go to recipes for festive occasions like Easter or birthdays. Mostly because it is one the easiest and least temperamental roast recipes to make. In its most basic form an easy lamb roast recipe simply involves adding salt and pepper. Unlike my recipe […]