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fish cakes
Fish Recipes

canned fish patties recipe

This fish patty recipe, made from canned fish is versatile enough to make using any type of canned fish including salmon, tuna or pilchards. It is not just an economical meal meal but tastes delicious too. An essential ingredient for making fish cakes includes eggs and a crumb or flour […]

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Prawn Biryani Recipe

Prawns did not feature in Amma’s recipe collection but they are one of my new favourites and I am keen to find new ways to prepare them. I was  hesitant to try  this prawn biryani recipe after it was requested by a few readers, mainly because of the delicate nature […]

braised tinfish recipe
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Braised Tin Fish Recipe

Tin fish (canned pilchards in tomato sauce) was one of the most loved foods in our home – be it Amma’s braised tin fish, tin fish chutney, tin fish with peas and potatoes, her tin fish samoosas and not forgetting those tin fish sandwiches for school lunches. I received a […]