easy lamingtons with jam recipe


Lamingtons are traditionally a plain sponge cake dipped in a sweet cocoa and coated in desiccated coconut. This lamington recipe is an easy alternative to the traditional one. It sandwiches two layers of sponge cake with raspberry jam and is dipped in melted dark chocolate and coated in desiccated coconut. Much like snowballs, the soft jam center adds a moist taste to an otherwise dry cake. Not to mention the nostalgic memory of  jam bread as tea time treats, make these jam lamingtons all the more lovable.


To make these jam lamingtons you can either bake your own sponge cake or even use a  ready made cake. This Australian treat was fairly popular growing up in South Africa, Amma never made them herself, we got them from neighbors during Diwali or whenever we went to a sixteen day ceremony service. I like them because the combination of coconut and chocolate remind me of a treat from the late nineteen eighties called Wagon Wheels, don’t remember how they looked- apart from being round. Just that the combination of coconut and chocolate was the best ever, like it is in these lamingtons.

How to Make Jam Lamingtons in Melted Chocolate

Making these lamingtons are fairly easy to make. Definitely easy enough to make for this Cake Sunday, after returning to work- nearly two months of  ‘working from home’ it makes for a nice sweet celebration to the end of a tough week.

This recipe requires three components. First make the sponge cake. Prepare a melted chocolate sauce for dipping. Assemble the lamingtons. For the sponge cake I use my tried and tested sponge cake recipe.

Step 1. Use this Sponge Cake Recipe to make Sponge component: If you are using a ready made cake the simply slice the cake into two layers in desired thickness. I recommend slices be less than 3cm thick otherwise you may end up with large lamingtons. If you are baking your own sponge cake, similarly you can bake one cake in a deep pan and slice the cake across to form two layers or use two separate baking pans to make two separate layers. Both methods work just as well for the recipe.


Step 2. Melt Chocolate in warm cream to form a drippy ganache like sauce for soaking sponge cake in.

Step 3: Spread the cake with raspberry jam, cover with a second layer. Cut into squares. Dip squares in chocolate sauce then in desiccated coconut.

Easy Lamingtons with Jam Recipe 

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Easy Lamingtons with Jam Recipe

Easy Lamingtons with Jam Recipe

Yield: 24
Prep time: 10 MCook time: 35 MTotal time: 45 M
This easy lamington recipe is sponge cake sandwiched with raspberry jam and dipped in melted chocolate.


  • Sponge cake (see recipe)
  • 200g dark chocolate (I used Lindt 65%)
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1/4 cup raspberry jam


  1. Prepare the sponge cake. Allow to cool.
  2. Prepare the chocolate sauce for dipping. Warm the cream on medium heat. Add grated or finely chopped dark chocolate. Stir until a chocolate is melted and a smooth silky mixture forms. Set aside.
  3. Place coconut into a shallow dish.
  4. If you are using ready made sponge cake, slice to form two layers. Spread with jam.
  5. Cut spongecake into squares. I recommend 3×3 cm squares.
  6. Dip squares into  chocolate then coat with coconut.
  7. Place in the fridge for a minimum of four hours so that the chocolate sets. For best results let the lamingtons set overnight.
  8. Enjoy with a cup of tea.
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