Semolina Cake Recipe

Semolina cake (Basbousa, Hareesa), also known as Revani in Turkey, Ravani or Revani in Greece, is a decadent sweet treat. Made from a combination of semolina and flour this cake is soaked in a citrus infused syrup  ̶  much like gulab jamuns  ̶  it too has a golden brown shell […]


Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake is one of my favorite cakes. Although Amma never baked carrot cake – I am quite sure my love for this spicy veggie cake stems from fond childhood memories of freshly picked carrots from our garden. The carrot patch was located at the front of the garden, adjacent […]

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Easy Warm Chocolate Tart Recipe

This dessert is ideal for chilly autumn or winter months but is sure to be as popular all year round because it contains two of the most desirable dessert components- ice cream and chocolate! It is also made from ground almonds and makes for an easy gluten free treat. I […]