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If I could pick a day that most reminded me of Amma’s scones it would have to be Friday. I recall Friday’s being special days in our home. It was the day that Amma would perform her weekly scrubs around the house, cleaning everything from the fridge to the kitchen sink, it also meant polishing the floors, and washing the lamp, this left little time for preparing lunch. On these days Amma would make one of her treats like Scones.  

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She perfected her Scones recipe from one of the cooks in the previous farm we had lived on. Being an English owned farm, the cook had excellent culinary skills and knowledge of the English kitchen. Amma’s scones were often comprised due to the lack of ingredients but she always managed to find a way of improvising. If she  didn’t have any butter then she would simply collect the cream off the fresh milk we got from the dairy,  then make her own butter. If she didn’t have any baking powder she would use bicarbonate of soda.

Amma’s scone recipe used milk combined with margarine, egg, flour and baking powder. She never used a mixing device, just her blue enamel dish and her hands. Though delicious at the time, over the years I have found that the scones from this recipe did not always rise well enough and were sometimes hard. This could be as a result of the types of margarine  used.

My own variation of Amma’s Scones recipe is as follows:

  • 320g cake flour
  • 120 g butter
  • 1.5 teaspoons baking powder
  • 175ml yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • Sugar (as desired) I prefer not to add any sugar because I like eating scones with jam.
  • Salt

Cut the butter into small squares then add flour and all other dry ingredients.

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Work to form bread crumbs. Make sure that the crumbs are fine as this will determine the texture of your scones. Use a knife to mix refine the crumb mixture.

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Beat the egg into the yogurt then add to the crumb mixture. Combine well until you have soft pliable dough.

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Flatten with your hand then use a scone cutter to cut out your desired shape. Amma never had any scone cutters she often used a glass tumbler.

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Arrange in a lined baking tray.Bake  scones at 170 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes or until  the scones  turn brown. Remove from oven. Serve as desired.


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