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chicken curry recipe with birth masala
Durban Curry

Birth Masala Chicken Curry Recipe

Amma‘s chicken curry made with birth masala was known as Marin Salo (Marinde Saloo).  Sometimes braised dry or as a spicy soup like texture to help alleviate common cold symptoms. Chicken necks, feet or wings were often braised dry while odd pieces or a combination of different chicken pieces were […]

durban chicken biryani
Durban Curry, Biryani, Rice Dishes

Durban Chicken Biryani Recipe

Durban chicken biryani (beryani), is a one-pot biryani, layering a curry layer with rice, vegetables and fried onions, and topped with fried potatoes. It is fragrant and mild yet spicy at the same time. The most defining characteristic of this type of biryani is the incorporation of black lentils or […]

Best Daal Gosht recipe1

Dhal Gosht Recipe

Dhal Gosht (daal ghos,gost) is an ambrosial yet hearty – stew like dish made from pieces of lamb simmered in dhals and spice. Amma’s recipe for Dhal Ghost entailed using  pieces of  meat with large bones – those not fitting for her mutton curry. This frugal accumulation of mutton pieces […]

durban chicken curry
Chicken, Curry

Durban Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry is one of Durban’s prime epicurean delights. This effortless creation is composed of chicken pieces simmered in a broth of spice and all things nice. Unlike milder East Indian chicken dishes– the Durban Chicken Curry does not contain fruit, sugar or cream. Not for the faint-hearted- it is […]