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Romany Creams Recipe

Romany Creams, the popular South African biscuit-was usually made by Amma for Diwali. She used a biscuit cutter with the worm shaped template to make them. I have not had any Romany Creams biscuits (homemade or bought) in  several years  so this recipe was an attempt to make them as […]

pizza at home

Homemade Pizza Recipe

When my siblings and I were growing up in the mid eighties to early nineties-there wasn’t a place that served pizza within a 100 km radius (or greater). It was a novelty wondering what Pizza tasted like since it seemed so popular on American TV Shows. This inspired the creation […]


Rum Plum Tart Recipe

An important lesson from Amma’s kitchen is never throw away something that can be used to create something new. Lately I have found myself with an abundance of fruit –thanks to our neighbour. I, like Amma, despise throwing food away.   Like Amma I’d much rather turn into something edible instead […]


Jam Tart Recipe

To make Jam Tarts follow the Pastry Recipe in the previous post . The only other ingredient you need is Jam. Choose the jam flavor of your choice. Another suitable pastry shell recipe is the one I use for mince pies. This is a soft flaky texture which literally melts […]