Eggless Donut Balls Recipe

Donut balls are round bite sized mini donuts. These tiny treats also known as donut holes. They were originally made from the center piece of dough in traditional ring donuts (when made using a doughnut cutter). In case you were wondering why donut is called a donut? It may have […]


Cream Bun Recipe

Cream buns are the baked equivalent of cream doughnuts. They are sweet, soft buttery buns, split in half, filled with a dollop of whipped cream and topped with a strawberry jam droplet. Like their fried doughnut version, they remind me of so many fond childhood memories. Cream Buns remind me […]

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Date Roll Recipe

Date Rolls will always remind me of the anticipation of visitors – with my sister calling I couldn’t resist the temptation of making date rolls – again. In case you’re wondering how this recipe is different from the previously published Date Rolls with Coconut Recipe – first off this is […]

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Cracked Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Despite the rustic appeal of cracked chocolate cookies – its constituents and taste are far more luscious than meets the eye. This decadent chocolate cookie in its basic form is made up of melted dark chocolate and a combination of eggs, ground almonds, flour, butter and sugar. Apart from my […]