Custard Biscuit Recipe


Custard biscuits are fork pressed cookies –comparable to Shortbread and Naan Khatai only more delicate and flavorsome from the use of custard. The main ingredient in custard powder accounts for the soft ‘melt in the mouth’ texture of this cookie, much like melting moments – South Africa’s butter biscuit version of  Danish butter cookies. This recipe is egg free and easy to make. This custard  biscuit simply requires butter, flour, custard powder and sugar. Using proportionate amounts of butter and flour result in perfectly pressed biscuits without cracks. I use a ratio of 1 cup butter:1 cup flour: 1/2 cup custard powder.


Amma’s Custard Biscuits

Custard biscuits were one of Amma’s most famous recipes – especially for Diwali and essential when we were expecting visitors from Durban.  For variety Amma sometimes shaped custard biscuits flat and decorated them with a dot of mixed fruit jam.

When I first published this recipe in 2013, I used wholewheat flour instead, this accounts for the rough texture and brown colour in some of the photos in this recipe. Using cake flour will result in lighter , perfectly smooth custard biscuits, pictured below (made in 2020).

Another substitute in this recipe is vanilla pudding instead of custard powder, it works just as well. If you’re not in a ‘common wealth’ country/ former colony chances are you won’t find any custard powder in stores. I recommend unsweetened vanilla pudding powder or cornstarch (maizena).


How to Make Perfect Custard Biscuits

    Custard biscuits are always flop proof. The combination of butter and custard powder makes for a soft basis of this biscuit dough. It is creamy and smooth.


    Add flour little at a time to avoid lumps forming.

    custard biscuits like amma used to make it

    Mix until the dough  resembles the image below.

    custard biscuits like amma used to make it

    How to Shape Custard Biscuits

    Custard Biscuits are usually shaped into balls then flattened with a fork.

    custard biscuits like amma used to make it

    Alternatively decorate with dots of jam, or dip in milk and coconut like date rolls.


    Bake at moderate heat and cool before serving with a cup of tea,

    custard biscuits like amma used to make it

    Custard Biscuit Recipe

    pin it

    Yield: 30 medium sized custard biscuits


    Custard Biscuit Recipe

    Custard Biscuit Recipe

    Prep time: 5 MCook time: 15 MTotal time: 20 M
    Custard biscuits are melt in the mouth biscuits, comparable to melting moments and Danish butter cookies.


    • 125g butter (at room temperature)
    • 125g cake flour or whole wheat flour
    • 62g custard powder or vanilla pudding powder or cornstarch
    • 40g icing sugar
    • pinch of salt


    1. 1. Cream the butter, sugar and custard powder to form a smooth mixture.
    2. 2. Add the salt. Add the flour little at a time. Pictured below is a recipe using whole wheat flour.
    3. 3. Mix to form a soft dough. When pressed the dough should resemble the image below. Pinch out small portions then roll into balls. Place on a lined baking tray.
    4. 4. Use a fork to press the custard biscuits into shape.
    5. 5. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15- 20 minutes.Cool before serving.
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