The Science of Spice Book Review


 I was attracted to the title of this book, because I wanted to know more about spice and how to use them. Since reading it, this book has lived up to all my expectations. I have a better understanding of the origin of spices and how to pair them and when to use them. I love the graphic user friendly method of presentation. 


The author lists a periodic table of spices, grouping spice according to flavour groups. It advises how to choose a flavour group of spices, to pair and blend various combinations. It also features several recipes from around the globe including Durban masala and Beef Bunny Chow. It is recommendable for novice cooks who want to know more about spice or experienced ones who want to add new dimension of flavour to their repertoire of dishes. It is definitely not just another cookbook that will gather dust on the shelf , but a resource book. One which I find myself referring to a lot lately.

Book Details

Name: The Science of Spice
Author: Dr Stuart Farrimond
Original Publication: 2018
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Limited
ISBN: 978-0-2413-0214-9

Presentation and Content

The 224 page hardcover book – is a precise yet concise guide to understanding spice. Not just their origin and use but understanding flavour connections and  as the book claims to ‘ revolutionize cooking‘. It also features recipes from around the world. It is very  user friendly. This  22,1 x 2,6 x 26,2 cm book has a contents page and colour coded sections. Category pages are beautifully illustrated and annotated with a good combination of text and graphics.

Where to Buy

    • U.S.A. from $ 18 (As advertised 07.07.20). 
    • U.K. Amazon.UK £ 15 (As advertised 07.07.20).

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