What is the Difference Between Paprika Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder


At first glance cayenne pepper, chili powder and  paprika may appear similar ̶ apart from the deeper range color of cayenne pepper. Reason for this is that Cayenne pepper usually does not contain any additives while both Chili Powder and Paprika both may be produced from a variety of pepper types as well as the inclusion of complimentary spices in chilli powders.


Essential Differences Between Paprika Cayenne Pepper and Chili Powder

  Cayenne Pepper 
  Chili Powder and Masala
cayenne+pepper chillipowder paprika
Cayenne powder is made
from dried, ground cayenne peppers—also known as cow-horn pepper, aleva, bird pepper with a distinguishable reddish orange color.
It is a cultivar
of Capsicum annuum (related to bell peppers, jalapeños,
and others. Cayenne pepper spice usually does not contain  additives.
 It is commonly used in the preparation of spicy dishes
(e.g. most Asian, Mexican or Cajun cuisines). Cayenne pepper has a rating
 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units making it hotter than paprika.
Chili powder is a key ingredient in
Indian cuisine. Depending on the
country of production, chili powder
 may range from a mixture of ground chilies or contain a combination of
complementary spices  and herbs
such as powdered ginger, garlic, black pepper or other spice combinations (masala). Some chili powders may include a mix of paprika or cayenne pepper.
The heat level in chilli powder  may
vary depending on the type
of chillies used. Do take heed when buying chilli powders as some may contain added
colorants with the promise of  red  attractive curries! It is best to read the lable – avoiding those with harmful colorants. (See Food Additives list for approved food additives).
Paprika is made from milder varieties of Capsicum annuum including bell peppers. The result is a less pungent taste than Cayenne pepper.  Paprika is a key component in several Eastern European and Spanish cuisines – adding flavor and color to goulash, stews or sausages. Spanish paprika ranges from sweet (dolce), semi-sweet (agridulce) to hot (picante) while Hungarian Paprika may be more piquant from the addition of Cayenne Pepper.


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