White Potato Curry


There were essentially four varieties of Potato Curry cooked by Amma, the normal Potato Curry cooked with onion and curry powder, there was then a varient of this dish with peas added to it -called Peas and Potato or Potato and Peas Curry, or Yellow Potato Curry cooked with turmeric powder and green chilli instead of curry powder. Lastly there was White Potato Curry. This special dish came about as a means to give life to left- over mashed potatoes.

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Weekends were days when we ate what Amma called ‘English food’ meaning it was not a curry. On Saturday evenings we usually had  food like roast chicken with roast vegetables, mash with fish fingers, cottage pie, or macaroni and cheese for dinner. If we happened to have any ‘mash’ left over, Amma would transform this into White Potato Curry for Sunday Breakfast when we usually ate left-over’s from Saturday night’s dinner.
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The name of this dish comes from its color, or rather the color of the mashed potatoes since once it is cooked the dish often has a red tinge of tomato. To make White Potato curry you need left over mashed potatoes (or finely chopped potatoes), green chillies, onions, one tomato (I have used canned tomato), salt, oil.

Heat your pan then fry the onions until slightly brown. Add the green chillies.

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Add tomatoes and let this cook until chutney (sauce) like texture forms.

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Add the mash then add a quarter cup water to soften the mashed potatoes.

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Mix together then remove from stove. Serve with sausages, with bread or rice or on its own. If you don’t have any leftover mashed potatoes  but would like to try this version of Amma’s potatoe curry then you can use fresh potatoes. There are a few variations in cooking method. In this case you would add the potatoes to the oil, allow to cook then add tomatoes once the potatoes have softened.


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