How To Make Popcorn Without Oil


Popcorn is not only best served during movies-its high fiber content also makes popcorn a healthy anytime snack especially as an alternative to potato crisps- provided  they are popped without oil. Amma was fond of making popcorn as a snack on cold days. She would pop the corn then fill up cones made from newspaper…my younger sister and I loved this.


To make a paper cone simply fold a sheet of newspaper in half then roll to form a  cone, Amma used to roll the ends so that the popcorn did not fall out.

There are three methods of cooking popcorn; air popped (with no oil), with oil or in the microwave. The first being the healthier option. Most microwaveable popcorn contain added flavours and high oil content-always read the label on the bag when buying.

How to Make  Popcorn Without Oil

1.  To make air popped popcorn-heat a flat based pot or pan-since the popcorn require even heat distribution in order to pop the corn kernels.

2. Turn up the heat until the kernels begin to pop. Once they begin to pop lower the heat then shake the pot to distribute the heat -lift the pot about a 2cm above the stove-while shaking the pot in a circular motion. Take care not to burn yourself hold the pot with a folded  clothe. This should result in perfectly popped corn without the use of oil.

Perfect Accompaniment to Popcorn: A Movie…or two

And… if you are a movie buff who pefers popcorn with movies- then take a look at two of the English/ Indian movies I have found this weekend. Amma was a big fan of Bollywood movies-I can’t say the same for myself. I prefer those which act as a mirror of society rather than those which escape from it. These two superb English / Indian movies both feature Nandita Das.

Provoked: A True Story (2006)  

Starring: Nandita Das, Aishwarya Rai, Miranda Richardson and Naveen Andrews

The Plot:


Based on a true story-the life of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a Punjabi woman in an abusive relationship with her ‘arranged’ husband. The level of abuse peaks when her husband holds a hot iron to her face- threatening to burn her. Mrs.  Ahluwalia responds by setting the bed alight while her husband is asleep-not in attempt to kill him but to make him feel the pain he had caused her. The
Ahluwalia trail shows the lack of awareness and assistance to battered and abused woman. She is initially found guilty and but with the help of the Southhall Black Sisters Group she has a retrial and is eventually set free-changing British law  forever- recognizing  that the defense of provocation could be applied to women who kill in response to long periods of abuse.

Moral: Societal problems such as alcohol abuse and domestic violence is not marred by the barriers of race, creed or class-it is a reality which needs to be addressed from grassroots levels. Within the the Indian Community-it is up to Indian Woman to ‘grow’ their sons to treat woman with respect and dignity.

Before the Rains (2007)  
Starring: Rahul Bose, Nandita Das and Linus Roache


The Plot:
A romantic tragedy set in Kerala, 1937-amidst the decline of the British Raj. It is a story of personal  drama intertwined with the struggle for Indian Independence. T.K.(Rahul Bose) is a young Indian man torn between faithfulness to his family and village and his desire for a career and better future which entails ‘faithfulness’ to his ‘master’. ‘Master Morres’ –played by Roache-a spice Barron- involved in an extra martial affair with a married servant Sajani (Nandita Das). Facing growing threat of the affair being exposed-Moores instructs TK to send Sajani away. Determined to prove that   Morres loves her-Sajani returns -only to reveal that Mores had indeed instructed her departure-choosing his wife over her. Sajani reacts by killing herself. Morres and TK try conceal the death but the truth reveals itself – T.K overcomes his personal struggle of faithfulness to his ‘master ‘vs that of real freedom.


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